SEO isn’t rocket science.
It’s behavioral science.

Technical SEO

To rank well with SEO, where do you begin? The right content structure and keywords are a great start, but there are many more tools to help you optimize your site and drive leads. Many of the most critical ranking factors are technical and behind the scenes.

Most agencies just scratch the surface. At DIGI CONVO, we find and fix those annoying technical SEO issues buried in your site’s architecture.



The objective for all search engines is to serve its users with high quality content. Therefore, they prioritize websites that make it easier to do so. We focus on site speed, mobile responsiveness, and efficient coding.

Crawlability & Indexing

This is the ability of Google search engine bots to efficiently move through your site to determine what your website is about and how valuable it will be to searchers. Improving crawlability will boost the time Google stays on your site, which increases your site’s perceived value and ranking.

Local SEO

Local Map Results

Drive new customers by ensuring your business is featured in localized search results and Google Maps.

Local Starred Reviews

We help you get better reviews more often. This instills trust in your company which translates into more leads and enhanced search results.

Generate More Calls and Leads

Local SEO through Google unlocks more conversion opportunities. We prompt users to call your business straight from the search results.

  • Google My Business Optimization By optimizing your information on Google My Business, your business is more likely to appear for related search queries if your business is brick and mortar. This optimization includes updating products, services, categories, and images.
  • Google Posts Calendar With Google My Business, you can connect and share with potential customers straight from the search results. We develop a Google Posts Calendar to promote sales, services, and other initiatives.

Content Optimization

Quality content is reverse-engineered by using search data to update the content, header tags, and metadata. We ensure your pages include important information about the location and focus of your business. When we are finished, these pages will be built around high-quality keywords and written with your customer in mind.