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Technical SEO

With an average of 4 billion searches conducted online every day, competing for top spots in the search engine result pages can be a challenging task. That’s why partnering with DIGI CONVO is the right decision if you want your community bank to stand out and drive more traffic to its website. We specialize in SEO refinement and keyword research, helping you reach your target audience quickly and effectively. Our tailored approach to digital marketing enables us to create a strategy that works for your unique business.


Optimize Site Performance

Boosting your website’s performance and maximize its visibility is critical. Our team of experts specializes in SEO methodologies and best practices, enabling your bank or financial institution to reach a greater audience through improved relevance, accessibility, and search engine results visibility. We understand that there are many components to an effective SEO campaign, so we prioritize the website issues that could be affecting your SEO.

Enhance Crawlability & Indexing

Make sure Google search engine bots can easily access and identify the content of your website. We specialize in enhancing crawlability and indexing, helping you boost the time Google stays on your site and improving its perceived value for increased ranking. With our experienced guidance, you can be sure that your website is as appealing to both searchers and search engine bots.

Increase Qualified Traffic

Gain more qualified traffic for your website with expert assistance from DIGI CONVO. We understand the importance of a solid technical foundation to ensure relevance in search engine results and will help you create content built around long-tail and location-based keywords. Additionally, we can work with you to develop page signals such as guest blogging and outreach, which will increase your credibility in the online space.

Setting the Foundation

SEO is necessary for any digital marketing strategy to continue growing a customer base. Investing in SEO methodologies and best practices will increase your website’s relevance, accessibility and visibility in search engine results. There are many moving parts in a successful SEO campaign. We’re dedicated to setting the foundation for long-term growth of your customer base.

Driving Your Digital Strategy

DIGI CONVO is the perfect partner to help you achieve digital marketing success. Our team uses advanced techniques and processes to develop sustainable SEO strategies that drive traffic, increase conversions and maximize ROI. We are here to help you reach more customers and potential customers while staying up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithms.

Download Your Free Customer Journey Checklist for Community Banks