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Who We Are

At DIGI CONVO, we are a dedicated SEO and content strategy agency with a deep understanding of the financial services sector. Our focus is on empowering your business to excel in the digital landscape through strategic SEO and expertly crafted content. We appreciate the intricacies and challenges that financial businesses face online, and we’re here to help you navigate them. Our specialized knowledge allows us to devise SEO strategies that are not only creative and consistent, but also tailored specifically to the financial industry. By partnering with us, you can leverage the power of SEO and high-quality content to unlock new growth opportunities for your financial services business.

What We Do

At DIGI CONVO, we specialize in providing customized SEO strategies and expert content tailored to meet the unique needs of financial services businesses. Our seasoned team is adept at formulating strategic SEO techniques to bolster your website’s presence in relevant search results, driving specific traffic that converts. We go beyond just lead generation; we focus on attracting the right audience through our finely crafted content that engages and resonates with your target market. Moreover, our proficiency in SEO strategy allows us to optimize your brand’s online visibility, leading to quantifiable outcomes. Entrust us with your digital needs and witness your financial services business flourish in the digital era.


Who We Help

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Meet our Team

Jeff Jenkins - Owner DIGI CONVO

At his core, Jeff is a problem solver with the ability to put the pieces together for maximum impact. He’s a Commodore (think Vandy, not Lionel Richie) and a Badger (think brats and beer). In 25+ years in marketing, he’s worked in everything from Fortune 500s (Allstate, OfficeMax, Allianz) to start-ups. He’s been a creative, a strategist, a business analyst, a marketing director – you name it… For fun he’s learning an outlaw country version of ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk on acoustic guitar.

Jeff Jenkins

- Owner & Content Strategist

John Reinesch

Technically speaking, John is a SEO rock star. Based on thorough research and analysis, John has a passion and track record of growing local businesses with a creative approach to customer acquisition. His expertise includes google analytics, technical website auditing, web analytics implementation and custom conversion tracking. When it comes to lead generation, John is our trusted mission control.

John Reinesch

- SEO & Analytics Lead

Danielle Cherrick

Danielle has been working in the digital marketing industry for almost 10 years. Her career focus has always been working closely with clients and aligning their goals towards future success. As the Client Success Manager, she manages daily workflows and deliverables to make sure projects are completed on time and with ease.

Danielle Cherrick

- Client Success Manager

What People Are Saying About DIGI CONVO

Don’t just take our word for it. Take it from a few of our amazing clients and partners:

Our values in action:

“DIGI CONVO did a great job of listening to our needs, strategizing on our messaging, and producing results. Highly recommend!”

  • Tom Anderson

    - CEO

Our values in action:

“Working with DIGI CONVO is so much fun! And they are so easy to get along with.”

  • Michele Jones
    Jason Alley

    - Owners
    Alley/Jones Hospitality

Our values in action:

“DIGI CONVO drives ROI. They just don’t have the overhead of a larger slow-moving marketing firm.”

  • Will Clements

    - CEO
    The Bank of Southside Virginia

Our values in action:

“Highly recommend DIGI CONVO! They are professional and caring. And they were passionate about how best to tell our story”

  • Kate Madigian

    - Founder
    Jacobs Chance

Get the Airtight DIY Brief: Easily Create Content to Woo Prospects & Win at SEO