Using video on paid social media to drive leads

Each month, #BSVtoMe features a loyal customer who is a pillar of their community. Many customers have been with BSV for decades. Some even generations. Through it all, they’ve trusted BSV.

Years ago, several big national banks swept into smaller communities throughout Southern Virginia. However, just a few years later, they left as quickly as they came.

While in town, these big banks bought out most community banks. So when they left, many residents were disrupted. For instance, just to make a simple deposit, a big bank customer now had to drive over an hour to a “satellite town.”

Understandably, this frustrates neglected small community residents as they struggle to find banking advice they can trust.

Make the authentic connection between BSV and these communities abundantly clear. For over a century, they’ve helped residents build these towns. And BSV remains committed to preserving this way of life. Times may change, but BSV can be counted on.

Facebook video is just one part of this campaign. By providing useful information, resources, and inspiration, BSV will help these communities and their members not only survive, but thrive and prosper

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