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DIGI CONVO is a digital agency focused on creating sustainable strategies for small, local banks looking to build their banking community. We become an extension of your marketing or media team specializing in website optimization and social strategy in order to build and retain your base of banking members.

Digital Marketing for Local Banks Work?

It’s as simple as balancing your checkbook.

In today’s digital-first world, it can be easy for smaller banks to fall behind big brands with large pay-to-play budgets. We take a 3 step approach to optimizing your online presence.

Branding Review

Website Audit

Community Outreach

Marketing Plan

What’s Our Bank Marketing Experience?

Our team has 20+ years marketing experience in the finance space, working with many companies ranging from Fortune 100s like Capital One to local banking institutions like Bank of Southside Virginia.



Local Bank Marketing Case Study - Bank of Southside Virginia


Years ago, several big national banks swept into smaller communities throughout Southern Virginia. However, just a few years later, they left as quickly as they came. Understandably, this frustrates neglected small community residents as they struggle to find banking advice they can trust.


Make the authentic connection between BSV and these communities abundantly clear. For over a century, they’ve helped residents build these towns. And BSV remains committed to preserving this way of life. Times may change, but BSV can be counted on.

Facebook video is just one part of this campaign. By providing useful information, resources, and inspiration, BSV will help these communities and their members not only survive, but thrive and prosper.


Post Engagements: 7,925

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CPM (Cost per 1K Impressions): $3.95

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