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    What You Get

    Highly-detailed 30+ page report including: Research shows consumers greatly prefer local results when searching for banks.

    Types of issues by severity
    Where issues exist in granular format
    Why fix is important and how to make fix

    Personalized video overview (<10 mins) of how to analyze the report, as well as suggested quick wins

    OPTIONAL: Free Video Conference to Review findings (Zoom or your other preferred method)

    How You Benefit

    Identify Your Weaknesses

    How to optimize back-end settings on your site. This allows Google to easily index and rank your site.

    Learn From Key Competitors

    How to optimize content on an individual page in order to improve that page’s ranking.

    Fine-Tune Your Holistic SEO Strategy

    How to optimize all your efforts outside your site. This boosts your site's authority and trust factor.