3 Reasons Your Blog is Critical

Summary: We outline 3 reasons how a blog contributes to the success of your website. This blog is paired with the “3 Reasons Your Blog is Critical” animation. 3 Reasons Your Blog is Critical It’s essential to stay relevant and active when it comes to maintaining your website. An excellent way to always keep a [...]

13 Frightful Local Marketing Mistakes

Trick or Treat! It’s the perfect time of year to review the most haunting local marketing mistakes. Our treat for you this Halloween is this infographic. Make sure these local marketing nightmares do not haunt you. 13 Frightful Local Marketing Mistakes    

Header Tags and SEO: Make Google Happy When you’re optimizing a webpage for search engine rankings (and consumer reach, by extension), it’s important to cast a wide net in order to maximize your opportunities to rank higher. One simple way to ensure effective on-page SEO is to implement best practices for header tags. A Head [...]

Rainbow Magnifying Glass Webpage con

Search Intent Optimization: The Missing Piece of Your Marketing Puzzle It’s a big ol’ Internet, with a gargantuan 4.2 billion webpages online at the beginning of 2021, and a whopping 63,000 Google searches occurring every second. With increasing web accessibility and over half a million new websites created worldwide every single day, that’s an awful [...]


Community Banking Digital Customer Journey Checklist The number one place your customers are going to be interacting with your bank is on a digital platform. With transactions, deposits, transfers, and other banking functions living in an online space, community banking services have never been easier. But are your customers experiencing a seamless consumer journey when [...]