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Header Tags and SEO: Make Google Happy When you’re optimizing a webpage for search engine rankings (and consumer reach, by extension), it’s important to cast a wide net in order to maximize your opportunities to rank higher. One simple way to ensure effective on-page SEO is to implement best practices for header tags. A Head [...]

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Search Intent Optimization: The Missing Piece of Your Marketing Puzzle It’s a big ol’ Internet, with a gargantuan 4.2 billion webpages online at the beginning of 2021, and a whopping 63,000 Google searches occurring every second. With increasing web accessibility and over half a million new websites created worldwide every single day, that’s an awful [...]


Community Banking Digital Customer Journey Checklist The number one place your customers are going to be interacting with your bank is on a digital platform. With transactions, deposits, transfers, and other banking functions living in an online space, community banking services have never been easier. But are your customers experiencing a seamless consumer journey when [...]